[Infographic] Top 10 Alternative Tips for Learning Languages

Pascale Chauvot

11 Jan 2017

Everyone wants to speak a foreign language, right? While we all look on with envy at Scandinavians and how they manage to speak English with such ease, learning a language is only a matter of practice and aptitude.

We’ve put together this fun infographic of 10 top alternative tips for learning languages. Some of them will be familiar to you while others will be new. We certainly hope you find them useful and that they help you on your language learning journey.

Top 10 Alternative Tips for Learning Languages

It might fascinate you to know that you can learn a language by not doing anything! Contrary to everything you have ever heard, doing something else as you learn your new language is an effective way to significantly improve your ability.

In fact, the less you focus on the language and the more you focus on doing things you enjoy or do every day, the quicker you will progress.

The answer is actually very simple – don’t concentrate as hard!

There is no need to be a linguistic superhero; these ten suggestions will, however, take you closer to achieving the one super power we aspire to – the ability to be funny in a foreign language.

tips for learning languages

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