8 Blogs that Revolutionised Your Communication Skills in 2013

Emma Buckby

15 Jan 2014

Over the course of 2013 we wrote many thought leadership pieces on how employees and organisations can improve their communication skills. Here, we have picked some of the most popular and read ones to share with you.

How to Ensure Your Emails Get Read

Email communication has become more and more important over the last decade. Ensuring that your recipients reads the email and your message gets through is crucial to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. This article provides guidelines on how to write effective emails and adapt your style to your audience. Read more.

How to Negotiate with Your Boss

From a formal salary negotiation through to requesting extended annual leave or flexible working hours, a negotiation with your boss can be a stressful experience. Applying simple tips can help you to make the most out of your negotiation with your boss. Read more.

How to Write Winning Business Proposals

In the current business climate, companies need to develop new revenue streams and win new contracts. Knowing how to write effective proposals is key to securing new opportunities.  This article looks into practical strategies that can help you write business proposals with more impact. Read more.

Tips for Successful Blog Post Writing

Social media and blogs are no longer reserved for teenagers or opinion leaders. Businesses must harness this new channel of communication to reach out to their customers, regardless of their activity and business model. Following these guidelines can help your company to write effective blog posts that will captivate your audience. Read more

Proofreading Tips for Perfect Copy

Typos and mistakes can harm a writer’s image of professionalism and effectiveness and, by extension, the image of the writer’s company. Following these top tips will help you to write perfect copy. Read more.

Time for a Tweet? 140 characters to Make or Break Your Business

Just like blogs, twitter messages are now extensively used by companies to engage with their customers, prospects and partners. This article will give you some ideas on how to make the most out of these 140 character messages. Read more.

The Dying Art of Listening

Do you know how to listen to your co-workers and colleagues? Easy-to-use strategies can help you develop your listening skills and ensure optimal communication within your company. Read more.

How to Maximise Your Active Listening Skills

Focusing fully on your interlocutor’s message is vital to enabling successful communication. Using active listening can help you to build relationships and avoid wasting time due to misunderstandings or misplaced assumptions. Read more


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