Help! Death by Meeting! 5 Tips to Make Meetings Work

Emma Buckby

12 Dec 2016

Meetings are sometimes said to be one of the most effective ways to drain your energy, enthusiasm and productivity. Death by meeting is often cited. But how do you make meetings work – for you and everyone else? 

Making Meetings Work – For You and Everyone Else!

Of course there are essential meetings, meetings that are unavoidable, but even the most critical meeting can lack focus and take longer than is strictly necessary.

The solution is to find a way of making meetings as effective as possible, and with the help of our simple tips and strategies, we can give you the gift of time, re-energise your working day, and increase your productivity.  We’ve brought together some of the best advice available on meetings and how to rethink your approach to them.

Google your Meeting!

Having a meeting about it – is a block to progress

One of the first things that Larry Page did when he became CEO at Google was to explain how he wanted meetings to be run.  He understood that so many organisations stifle creativity by “having a meeting about it” that it was a quantifiable block to progress.

Take an Apple!

Sean Blanda took a look at other high profile organisations to see how their meetings encouraged productivity, recognising that most of us would actually prefer to be working than attending endless meetings.  The key point he brings from Apple is that each agenda item is assigned a DRI – Directly Responsible Individual – who is responsible not only for the discussion but implementing the decision as well.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation 

In failing to prepare, you prepare to fail

Writing for Forbes magazine, Lisa Quast focuses on the practicalities, and especially on what you do before the meeting actually starts.  Many people prove the adage – “in failing to prepare, you prepare to fail”.

Making Meetings Work for You

We have synthesised some key observations into five very simple things you can adopt to maximise the potential of your meetings.  An organised and well planned meeting reflects well on you and your organisation, and increases productivity and engagement.

Less is More

Alison Green writes from personal experience, and in her blog shares her wisdom of managing a medium sized organisation.  What is her golden rule for making meetings effective?

Have less of them!  Meetings are frequently used as a substitute for real interaction, so cut out the non-essential meetings and spend more time checking in with individuals.

She also echoes the wisdom of Google and Apple – meetings should have a specific purpose with a defined outcome, adding that the success of the meeting depends largely on the effectiveness of the person leading the meeting – if your meetings aren’t working, look at yourself!

Feedback Anyone?

Are you attending too many meetings?  Do the meetings you go to waste your time?  Maybe you can make a significant impact in your organisation by bringing about a meeting revolution with a few simple adjustments.

We look forward to your comments!

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