What Does it Take to be a Good Leader? #1 Good Communication

Declan Mulkeen

30 Mar 2016

Is it possible to be a good leader without being a good communicator? How can you engage, inspire and motivate your people if you are unable to communicate your vision, values and strategy? Read on to discover what it takes to be a good leader through clear communication.

A good leader inspires you

If we were to take a sample of some of the world’s greatest leaders whether in the realm of politics, sport or business we would undoubtedly find that they were all excellent communicators. Good leaders have the ability to win hearts and minds, to influence their teams and drive everyone towards achieving common goals and objectives.

Communication is a Two Way Process

When leaders listen they gain valuable insights and potential new ideas

Effective leadership communication is not about talking at your employees but interacting with them. Yes, you will need to deliver key messages and disseminate critical information but it is equally important that you give them the opportunity to be heard, that you listen to what they have to say and that you try to interpret what is really going on.

When leaders listen they gain valuable insights and potential new ideas, they receive useful feedback and they understand better how to engage with their workforce.

Effective Communication Builds Relationships

Make sure you find time for authentic individual conversations

Good communication is not only about exchanging information but it also helps to build relationships. The more natural and engaging the communication is the more likely you are to build rapport and trust with your teams. And make sure you find time for authentic individual conversations as well as wider communication to teams and departments.

Take time to relate to employees on a personal as well as a professional level as getting to know them as individuals will help you to understand what makes them tick.

The Art of Communication Can Be Learnt

Some may argue that leaders are born and not made but the good news is that the art of communication is definitely a skill that can be learnt and developed. It may be a cliché but practice makes perfect and the more effort you make with your communication skills the more likely you are to improve.

Time to test yourself and find out if you are a good leader or not

Here is a seven point check list for assessing the effectiveness of your communication skills.

good leader


Communication is interaction 

The bottom line for any leader is that whenever you need to communicate make sure that the message is true, well-reasoned, and substantiated by solid business logic that is specific, consistent, clear and accurate.

And remember that communication is not only about you, your opinions and your objectives. It is also about helping others by meeting their needs, understanding their concerns, and adding value to what they do. Do this well and you’ll drastically reduce the number of frustrations and challenges you face and become a good leader.