Communicaid Launches New White Paper: Iran’s Return to the Global Community

Emma Buckby

15 Jul 2016

Communicaid is delighted to announce the publication of our latest White Paper. Iran’s Return to the Global Community provides readers with an in-depth look into the history of Iran, an overview of the country and insights into the cultural profile of this fascinating country. This White Paper is a must-read for any organisation looking to do business in Iran.

Iran’s Return to the Global Community

Iran White PaperAs the US and EU sanctions are lifted, the Islamic Republic of Iran has moved from a position of business outcast to one of the world’s most sought-after markets. Both historical and new trading partners are anxious to tap into this emerging market of opportunities.

The attraction of Iran is clear: 10% of the world’s known oil reserves, a leader in the disciplines of science and medicine, strong manufacturing facilities and a treasure trove of interests for the discerning tourist. With high levels of education and technical awareness, Iran’s population is positioned to contribute to this revitalised economic opportunity.

Understanding Iranian social and business culture is a must for any organisation wishing to do business with this fascinating country now open for business. The White Paper covers:

  • Iran: A Rich History
  • Iranian Culture and Traditions
  • Iran: A Difficult Past with a Hopeful Future
  • Why Iran for Investment?
  • Cultural Implications of Doing Business in Iran
  • Why Understanding Iranian Culture is Important
  • Navigating the Challenges of Doing Business in Iran

Click here to download Iran’s Return to the Global Community to learn more.


Communicaid is a global culture and communication skills consultancy that assists the world’s leading organisations to mitigate the risks and maximise the opportunities of working in a complex and ever-changing international environment. We provide a complete suite of consultancy services as well as targeted intercultural, global leadership, language and communication skills training.

With training centres in London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and New York, combined with a worldwide network of trainers, consultants and partner organisations, we are uniquely placed to help you develop the global competence of your organisation and its employees.

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